ladakh heart 2013photo by Josh Schrei

When you dream, do you see from the inside of yourself,

your usual vision?

Or do you see yourself from above and beyond,

from the outside,

moving in the dream?

Which do you prefer?

To be inside or outside?

People speak about being in their bodies.

Where is that body?

Or, where isn’t it?

People long to follow their hearts.

Which heart, exactly, is that?

I want to follow the great heart

at the root, the core, the center,

that pulses in body and star,

night and day,

flood and storm and stillness,

seed and flower,

that never for one moment ever stops beating.

Awake in the deep dark bright night of the full September moon,

between exhalation and inhalation

in a space so completely familiar, so utterly unknown,

that heart whispers

Dream yourself

out of yourself.

In the practice of SourcePoint we are always talking about the importance of getting out of the way. This is especially true in relation to the theme of intuition and its place in SourcePoint. Most people who are drawn to Sourcepoint, and indeed the practice of energy medicine in general, are those who want to follow their hearts, to develop and trust their intuition. What does it mean, to follow your heart, to trust your intuition, and exactly what does intuition mean when practicing SourcePoint, where our primary concern is to be connected to and guided by the universal Blueprint of health?

What people commonly think of as “their intuition” can be described as a sensitive, empathic, receptive aspect of consciousness that is capable of accessing the information of the greater order and the greater consciousness, aligning itself with it, and being guided by it. However, most of the time, in most individuals, to varying degrees, that sensitive, receptive, perceptive, empathic stream of consciousness is muddied considerably by opinions, judgments, ideas, past experience, and habit.

Personal intuition is greatly influenced by personal experience. It can be valuable, but if you want to rely on your intuition as a basis for energy work, the daily practice of clearing yourself in some way is essential, whether it’s meditation, prayer, however you do it – its necessary to make a constant practice of clearing yourself. This is especially important to do consciously before working, in order be able to trust your intuition. It’s a demanding path, to clear the channel of your intuition so that you are truly perceiving and receiving clearly.

People often feel the sensations in their body give them information, and yes, that’s another channel of intuition. However, the body is also a consciousness that carries past conditioned experience, habit and memory. That channel also is often muddied by emotions and habit patterns. Trusting your intuition requires a lot of self-examination, a lot of self-honesty.

The function of intuition in SourcePoint Therapy would be, for example, to help a practitioner in the practice of bringing the information of the Blueprint to the body. It can help you be open to the guidance of the Blueprint in the work you do, recognizing, always, that that is all you are doing, facilitating the flow of that information. Having the intention to allow your personal intuitive perception to be guided by the Blueprint provides some protection from projection. The Blueprint provides an external reference point that helps to clarify intuition.

People who do intuitive bodywork often speak of “being drawn” to work in a certain area of the body. People also use this phrase sometimes in relation to life decisions, “being drawn” to a certain place, person, situation. We encourage people to be careful about “being drawn.” Think about that phrase. What draws you? Is it your story being drawn by something familiar to it? Most of the time we are drawn to what is familiar, to what resonates with our conditioned experience. There’s a fine line between being drawn and projecting our own experience on another.

People often find SourcePoint “counter-intuitive.” In scanning for the blockages that obstruct the flow of information of the Blueprint, people may be drawn to a particular area; they expect to find the blockage there. If they are not attached to their intuition, they are frequently surprised to find it in a completely different location.

Transformation, whether in work with others or personal life, requires that we move beyond our expectation, judgment and even our treasured personal intuition. In SourcePoint, we surrender our intuition to that third point, the Blueprint. We turn over our knowledge, experience, ideas, opinions and judgments, and intuition to the fundamental order of the universe, the innate wisdom of the body as an expression of that universal order.

The fundamental Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow inherent in the universal energy is the Source of our being. It gives rise to life, nourishes and sustains life. That’s why we say the nature of the Blueprint is love. Therefore in the practice of SourcePoint, we allow our own hearts to be in service to the greater good.

SourcePoint Day 3Blackboard Sketch by Bob Schrei

© Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei 2013