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Light and Dark

Source: Hubblesite.org SourcePoint is about balance, order, harmony and flow, the simple underlying principles and energies that give rise to life, and sustain, nourish and support it. Energy workers often call on “the light” in their work. It’s a powerful energy and we access the energy of light in SourcePoint work. What about the transformative […]



I’m going to explore a question posed in a comment to a previous post: In the manual for Module Two there’s a statement that the Sacral Points help the body move through the phases of evolution at an energetic level. The question is, what are the phases of evolution and why is this important? The […]


Blueprint and Source

Here’s my comment on the question I posed on the previous post: What is the Source we connect with when we use the Source Point? Is it identical with the Blueprint? Why do we as practitioners need to reflect on this? Oversimplifying things for the sake of some brevity: Source is the energy of all […]

Activation Point!

As of today we are activating this particular stream of information. Please post questions and reflections here. We’ll be responding and posting our own ongoing reflections and questions, ranging from the practical to the philosophical. Here’s a little question to consider: Is the “Source” of SourcePoint Therapy identical with the “Blueprint,” and if not, what’s […]