Belief, Healing and SourcePoint

Key Robert Schrei drawing

Drawing by Bob Schrei ©2020


In the practice of energy work, we often encounter people who are seeking help having “tried everything and it didn’t work.” It becomes a deeply ingrained belief that nothing is going to help. in different ways we all accumulate belief systems that can obstruct the flow of information from the Blueprint. That is why in the Advanced Training of SourcePoint we learn to work at this frequency and dimension of the belief systems in our consciousness.
Belief systems become energetic patterns/structures that we carry in our consciousness. Just as we carry the energetic of the universal Blueprint of Health for the human being within us we also carry the imprints and patterns of trauma, karma, emotion, ancestry and belief systems, as well as pattern of culture, environmental forces and energies and influences too numerous to name. We are complex beings, and the simplicity of SourcePoint work is that what we are doing at every level, with every imprint, is bringing the information of the Blueprint to the energetic blockages/patterns within us.
People often ask, do you have to believe in SourcePoint for it to work? It’s an interesting question. First of all, we have to define “belief.” Dictionary definition is “an acceptance that a statement is true.” Or “having trust, faith, or confidence that something is true.” Which leads us to have to define truth, and trust and faith. And there one can go around and around and around, especially in today’s world.
As I look at it from the perspective I’ve experienced working with SourcePoint, I’d say I’d define a belief system as an energetic pattern of reaction that develops from our conditioned experience in this world over lifetimes and from the cultural context and consensus reality we are born into.
Belief then can be defined as perspective, how we see the world and ourselves, what our experience leads us to think about the world.
As we become aware that we carry belief systems that may not be healthy, that’a big step in awareness, in healing. Previous to that we are simply controlled by our conditioning, by what we “believe” about the world.
We begin to see the “system” of belief we carry, as an individual and as a human being constantly in interaction with the collective. System and pattern are closely related. One experience after another in incarnate reality builds up a pattern of response, systems of belief. We identify with our belief systems. We believe in a self and a world that reflect our belief systems.
And then what? At the risk of repeating myself over and over, Awareness happens. The Awareness in us that remembers that original pattern, that universal Blueprint, that knows something more than its conditioned experience, is awakened. Other possibilities begin to arise. We begin to experience the possibility of other choices, of not being defined by our previous beliefs. We encounter systems and patterns that help us to re-align with that original pattern, with our fundamental nature of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.
At that point, the answer to the question “Do you have to believe in SourcePoint for it to work?” becomes simply, you only have to be open to the possibility the work might make a difference. You only have to experience what you experience and keep working with the principles and practices and see what happens, and continue based on your experience. This is true of any healing or spiritual practice.
In Awareness, we can hold our ingrained belief systems and see them and understand them and let them begin to transform. We can make the choice not to be defined by past experience, but to allow ourselves to be transformed by our present experience of possibility.