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Belief, Healing and SourcePoint

Drawing by Bob Schrei ©2020   In the practice of energy work, we often encounter people who are seeking help having “tried everything and it didn’t work.” It becomes a deeply ingrained belief that nothing is going to help. in different ways we all accumulate belief systems that can obstruct the flow of information from […]

SourcePoint Therapy® and Self-Transformation

Rta/Robert Schrei ©2016 In the Vedic traditions the word Rta can be translated from Sanskrit as order, truth, rule, logos. It signifies the underlying natural order of the universe. Therefore it resonates with what we call in SourcePoint “the Blueprint.” The universal Blueprint of health for the human being. The underlying natural order of being human, […]


Intention as Creative Life Force Energy

Beginning (Drawing by Robert Schrei) Intention. The felt sense of it, how it lives in the body, is present in every breath, how we are surrounded by it, the rising and setting of the sun, the waxing and waning of the moon, the movement of the planets. We live in a universe of intention. The […]

New Moon, Full Moon

  I wrote these words a few weeks ago now. Sitting on my front porch with Bob and Venus and the just New Moon led me to reflect on the Crescent Moon and the Eight-Pointed Star. Meditating with both of them a lot all this past year has given me a deep appreciation for their […]


SourcePoint Perspective on Embodiment

Drawing by Bob Schrei    Embodiment. The word is everywhere these days in worlds of healing trauma, movement practices, meditation practice, energy work; it appears in book titles, conference titles and advertisements. What does it mean, especially in relation to SourcePoint Therapy®? In SourcePoint we say that when we are talking about the physical body, […]