SourcePoint Therapy® and Self-Transformation

robert schrei energetic patterns printRta/Robert Schrei ©2016

In the Vedic traditions the word Rta can be translated from Sanskrit as order, truth, rule, logos. It signifies the underlying natural order of the universe. Therefore it resonates with what we call in SourcePoint “the Blueprint.” The universal Blueprint of health for the human being. The underlying natural order of being human, the information that is present in each of us as our birthright. This information arises as geometric pattern. We say, geometry is the language of the Blueprint. The small image in the golden egg above is our SourcePoint mandala. It represents the patterns formed by the fundamental 10 points one learns in Module One of SourcePoint: The Diamond Points, The Golden Rectangle Points, the Navel Point and the Sacral Point. Through these points and the patterns they form, we open the gateway to that dimension of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow that is the Source of our Being. That is our fundamental nature and our fundamental health. That is always present, no matter how much it is covered over, how much we lose awareness of it, how much we get pulled from it by the forces of incarnate experience.


During the years of the pandemic, and especially in this last year and a half where I have been absent from this blog, I, like so many others, was going  through an intense period of inner transformation. It became clear er and clearer to me that SourcePoint is not only, and perhaps not even primarily, a method we learn to help others. It provides a container, a context, a ground, for our own transformation. As we were unable to meet for workshops or for a period of time practice for others, more and more SourcePoint practitioners found them practicing on themselves, for themselves. Certainly I was one of those. Because of both personal health issues and global health issues I was challenged every day with the question: how do I keep my focus on health in a world that is increasingly unhealthy? How do I find my balance and navigate a world that is spinning out of control?


I found out more deeply what I already knew: that the simple practices of the Diamond Points, the Guardian Points, the Gold Points in the Chakra, and the Navel Point provided a ground to stand on, no matter what was happening externally. A connection to Source, no matter how far removed from its Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow things seemed. A pathway to a a greater inner stability in an unstable world. An inner compass for navigating each day.


I had known all this for years, but the experience became more tangible, more palpable, deeper, more clear. In a word, more real.


Once a wise person said to me, you can only take others as far as you have gone yourself.


That’s true with energy work. I’ve also been told that working with energy and consciousness to bring healing requires a radical re-definition of self. And of one’s place in the universe.


All this is true. To practice SourcePoint effectively for others, we must practice it for ourselves.


People don’t necessarily come to its study with this expectation. As time goes on, we understand: this is not a modality, a technique to learn. A lot of people stop their training after Module Two. That’s understandable. By then the main protocols have been learned. And the journey begins in to the complex realm of inner transformation, understanding the incarnate forces that shape us, and what we mean when we say in SourcePoint we work with being grounded in the Blueprint of health for the human being, rather than our story.


What does that really mean? A greater understanding begins to emerge in Module Three. But it’s worth reflecting on at any point.


What does it mean to be grounded in one’s fundamental nature rather than one’s personal story of trauma, karma, emotion (as in emotional reactiveness), ancestry and belief systems?


From Module Three on, in the Advanced, we begin to understand this journey as what is really meant by the “getting out of the way” we talk about in Module One and Two as essential to SourcePoint practice. It’s what is meant by a radical re-definition of self. Who am I if not my story?There’s a great freedom in even  just asking that question. And an opportunity to see just how much one is invested in one’s story.


So when we invite people to enter into SourcePoint training, it is with total freedom to go as far as you like and take away from it what you will. But what we see increasingly is that as people stay with the practice over time, for themselves, for others, they transform.

I can only say, deeply and truly, it’s been so for Bob and myself. And so we continue to invite others to share in that process, and value every single individual that arrives at this doorway to transformation.


Source, Grounding, Activation, Transformation.

Order, Balance, Harmony, Flow

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.