New Moon, Full Moon


I wrote these words a few weeks ago now. Sitting on my front porch with Bob and Venus and the just New Moon led me to reflect on the Crescent Moon and the Eight-Pointed Star. Meditating with both of them a lot all this past year has given me a deep appreciation for their qualities, for the energy they bring.

I have felt the Crescent Moon as emergence, appearing at moonrise, growing brighter and brighter in the radiant dark, holding the energy of possibility, potential waxing, growing full. The lunar phases hold us in the ancient, eternal, ever-becoming rhythm of life. We can relax into that rhythm when holding it for another, or receiving from another, or meditating with it. When I meditate it with it I see it in my mind’s eye, in the night sky, and feel the moon’s rhythm expansion and contraction in my breath. Even better to sit on the porch with the moon itself.

This time now, feels like a time of possibilities, change, transformation. A threshold time, a liminal in between time cresting into what is next. May it be so. May we all feel more deeply the need to live in alignment with our true nature, which is that rhythm of nature, of expansion and contraction, cycles, becoming, transformation, Order and Balance and Harmony and Flow.

People talk about “connecting to nature” for healing. There’s no need to connect. We are intimately connected to what we call nature. We are nature, it is us and so much more. We arise from the source of all nature, we return to it. We just have to recognize the connection.

When I look at the moon I see my life, waxing and waning, moment to moment, year to year, lifetime to lifetime. I am held in that reality. I embrace that rhythm because I am that rhythm.

And, oh, the presence of the Eight-Pointed Star, the evening star, the morning star, illuminating the radiant dark in which we rest and dream and encounter the source of our being, as well as the coming dawn of day and activity, relationship, interaction. The Eight-Pointed Star is guidance, orientation, and of course, the placeholder of the Blueprint of health for the human being. We acknowledge it during SourcePoint sessions as a point of orientation and guidance, the third point. It can be a guide in the light and dark of our lives also. May we enjoy this New Moon and the solstice that will follow it. May we rest and restore ourselves in its rhythm. May we experience love and hope in its constancy, in its waxing and waning.

And as I post these words now, the waxing, almost full moon appears in the night sky, its silver light radiant, illuminating the darkness, waking me at night. Again, I feel the prayer arise, may we human beings once again align ourselves with the rhythms of nature, the universal rhythms that have guided us since time immemorial, that we move further and further from. May we emerge from our trance, the spell the modern world casts on us from day to day,  into a renewed awareness of this universe we are a a part of, its exquisite, intricate Order, its impeccable Balance, its celestial Harmony, into the constant and miraculous Flow of Creation.

Take some time to be in the night with the full moon this June 24.

(Photo by Josh Schrei)