Intention as Creative Life Force Energy


(Drawing by Robert Schrei)

Intention. The felt sense of it, how it lives in the body, is present in every breath, how we are surrounded by it, the rising and setting of the sun, the waxing and waning of the moon, the movement of the planets. We live in a universe of intention. The life force energy of Source constantly manifests itself into being, into form, the infinitely wondrous forms of life that inhabit this planet, for one.

And yet we feel we have to set intention. And we confuse intention with goals. Intention is a primal force. And what we need to do is open ourselves to that universal intention, align with it, ground in it. What is that primal intention? To be. To exist. Does a tree ask what its purpose is, why it is here? Its purpose is to be a tree. Of course, being a human being feels a lot more complicated than being a tree. And yet, perhaps that’s because we human beings like to complicate things.

For many years now I have been aware of and working with the fundamental Zen teachings of attention and focus. The instructions: when eating just eat, when walking just walk, washing the dishes, just the soap and the water and the hands and the plate (if you still wash dishes…)

What does that mean? Lots of things. But recently I have seen that it means we can do every single thing we do with intention. The intention is to be fully in the act, and then we see the act itself is its own intention.  Walking is walking, and its intention is movement, and we are the movement.

In SourcePoint we say, when holding the Diamond Points for another, just hold the points. The points have their own intentions, their purpose. We don’t need to elaborate upon that. In that act, and in meditating with those points, we begin to experience beyond words that universe of intention we are a part of.

The creative energy of Source that manifests into life and being has that single point point of intention: To be. Inherent in that drive for existence is all the information of the Blueprint, the Order, Balance, Harmony necessary to direct the great Flow of Source energy into the manifestations of life.

Perhaps what matters most for human beings now is the choices we make. Perhaps it isn’t so much about all the goals we strive to accomplish, as simply where we focus our awareness. It’s possible, in meditating with the points and the midline in particular, the line between Grounding and Transformation, and being aware of the breath simultaneously, to experience oneself as pure intention, aligned with and a part of, a great universal intention.

I wonder if that experience is what is needed in today’s world most of all. Not that SourcePoint is the only way to get there, but somehow we human beings need to learn to return our focus from our own personal goals and what we think we want and need to an awareness that we have a larger responsibility to this huge network of being we belong to. That simply wants to be. How to nourish the whole network, not just ourselves.

In his beautiful book “Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World,” Tyson Yunkaporta talks about the most destructive idea in existence: “I am greater than you; you are less than me. This is the source of all human misery. Aboriginal society was designed over thousands of years to deal with this problem.”

Tyson Yunkaporta also says, in the same book, “There is a pattern to the universe and everything in it, and there are knowledge systems and traditions that follow this pattern to maintain balance, to keep the temptations of narcissism in check.”

In SourcePoint, we work with fundamental principles of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow, and energetic patterns and points, and we emphasize the importance of getting out of the way to allow those principles and patterns to manifest and to do their work.

So perhaps in this work we have one way to connect with the fundamental intention of creation and align ourselves and our actions with it. And thereby support the health and wellbeing of all beings, as well as ourselves.

©Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei 2021