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Neural Pathways

Neural Pathways


Fritjof Capra says “One lesson that nature teaches is that everything in the world is connected to other things.” In The Web of Life, referring to the immune system, he states“The entire system looks much more like a network, more like people talking to each other, than soldiers out looking for an enemy.” Hurray. If we begin to shift our perception that what goes on inside our bodies is constant battle, perhaps that shift will eventually be mirrored in the outside world.

At a practical level, methods such as non-violent communication work with assisting this shift in the outside world. Last week I said I would talk more about down to earth ways in which communication=health. In an interview with Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication, he says that it evolved from his attempt to get conscious of what he calls Beloved Divine Energy and how to connect with it. He continues, “To me, the violence in the world comes about when we get alienated or disconnected from this Energy. How do we get connected when we are educated to be disconnected?” He talks about being in a roomful of Bosnians and Serbs: “I remember sitting there in the middle of all this rage and pain and thinking, “Divine Energy, if you can heal all this stuff why are you taking so long, why are you putting these people through this?” And the Energy spoke to me, and it said, “You just do what you can to connect. Bring your energy in. Connect and help the other people connect and let me take care of the rest.”

At so many different we levels we find the theme of connection: connection to ourselves, to each other, and to the cosmos. Connection is communication, and connection at all those levels nourishes and sustains our health. The connection to the Blueprint in SourcePoint facilitates that connection to the cosmos, which in turn strengthens our connection to ourselves, and gives us a different foundation for our connection to others.

I’d like to share an experience I’ve had in healing through communicating with myself. Three years ago I began to experience severe, incapacitating episodes of vertigo, the kind where the room is spinning and rising and falling, every body system is in alarm and literally you can’t move anywhere. I sometimes ended up crawling from place to place, but mostly when it happened I just was immobilized and working with it to let it be, to subside and pass. I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, and I’m not going to tell the whole story here, but it was a major teacher at many different levels. With lots of work and help and healing I’ve been pretty stable for almost a year now. I had a stable year after the initial occurrence, and then a major recurrence, so I’m not getting attached. I know the things I need to do to give myself the greatest opportunities of continued stability, and I do them, and one important ongoing activity is communicating with my body/mind/brain/nervous system.

Meniere’s is theoretically “caused” by excess fluid in the inner (not middle) ear that leaks out and disrupts the body’s balance. Toward the beginning I was being tested for all kinds of balance/vertigo possibilities. The audiologist explained to me that my inner ear was sending a danger signal to my brain, and my brain was reacting with all kinds of alarm messages back to my body. I decided I needed to let my brain know I wasn’t really in danger, that it was just a little extra fluid sloshing around! How to do this? I tried to talk to my brain without any noticeable effect. Then I happened upon a method in Donna Eden’s book “Energy Medicine” that she calls “temporal tapping.” For more details, see this book, p. 333. It involves using the three middle fingers of each hand to tap a message to the brain, behind each ear, along the side of the head from front to back. Negatively worded messages are tapped on the left side, positively worded messages on the right.

So I tried it. When I would begin to feel what I called “blips” in my perception that I knew were the forerunners of vertigo, I would tap the left side of my head repeating to myself, “There is no danger.” Then on the right side I would tap “I am safe.” Almost immediately I would feel a settling, and over time indeed the vertigo episodes became less frequent. I was doing a lot of other things too, including lots of SourcePoint, so who knows, but I believe this was very helpful. I was changing the message. I was communicating something to my body that it experienced as reassuring. And, I was responding to my condition by connecting and communicating with myself, and acknowledging what was going on inside me.

If you have a story about how communication with yourself, others, or the cosmos has lead to healing, I’d love it if you would post a comment and share it here.

© 2010 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

“Remembered Wellness”

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Photograph by Josh Schrei The Himalayas

Before Andrew Weil and Bruce Lipton, there was Herbert Benson, MD. He is the author of the fascinating book Timeless Healing: the Power and Biology of Belief, first published in 1995. Dr. Benson was ahead of his time in researching the effect of the mind on healing. His book is full of scientific studies on what is commonly called “the placebo effect.” He prefers to call it “remembered wellness” and I find this term very compatible with the principles of SourcePoint.

“Remembered wellness” is what happens when you connect to the blueprint. The body is recovering its memory of wholeness and completeness, of innate order, balance, harmony and flow. When you work with the points of SourcePoint Therapy, you are reminding the body of something it already knows.

Dr. Benson prescribes “the relaxation response” as a means of experiencing that remembered wellness. This is essentially a meditative technique to quiet the mind and connect with healing energies. As you know if you have experienced SourcePoint, a treatment can easily bring you to that place of deep relaxation.

There are other ways to evoke this remembered wellness that I have found through my own healing and work with other people. You can work with the conscious mind to evoke that memory. It’s best to work with a relative simple and minor injury to start with. It’s easier in that instance to let go of old belief systems and use the mind to alleviate the effect of the injury and support the process of the body’s natural self- healing.

As anyone who works with trauma knows, moments of trauma, even if they are minor, can get stuck in the body-mind. The flow of life is moving along and then something happens that disrupts that flow and that event gets frozen in time, in the memory. Instead of staying stuck in that moment, you can use your imagination, which is a powerful tool for healing. You can imagine the past differently to replace the memory of injury with a memory of wellness.

Let’s say I sprain an ankle, and I remember the principles and practices of SourcePoint. I immediately place my hands gently on my ankle, imagine the Diamond Points, breathe calmly and regularly, being aware of the breath, and repeat the words source, grounding, activation, transformation, as I visualize the points. Of course, if there’s someone around to hold the points for me, that’s even better.

Then I use my imagination to replay the event in my mind. I see myself walking along, coming to the place where the injury occurred, and instead of seeing the fall, I imagine myself continuing to walk right through that space and going on with my day. I feel myself doing that. At the level of space-time I am returning to the location of the injury, to the time of the injury, and seeing it differently, allowing the flow to progress along an alternative probability path, not getting stuck in the injury. As I imagine this, I am giving the body a deep message of how it was before the injury, before the wound, before the moment where the flow of health and wellness was disrupted.

I have used this approach frequently. It isn’t denial. It’s imagining a different outcome of a particular moment in time and letting my body experience that alternative. Studies have shown that the body reacts to imagination and visualization as it does to an actual event. In one study, some participants went to the gym and worked out; others did “virtual workouts” mentally. Those who went to the gym had a 30% muscle increase. Those who stayed home and did it mentally had a 13.5% increase, or almost half as much!

We aren’t looking to replace treatment at the physical level with this approach. We are looking to support the body in its healing, to bring in another level of support.Injuries need physical attention first!

After I imagine, I do the Guardian Points and invoke the guardians of the body to help me heal. The Diamond Points and Guardian Points in these acute situations for me are a kind of “energy first aid.”

I think we have barely tapped the surface of what Dr. Benson calls “timeless healing.” The potential of the healing power that comes from connecting to that original state of wellness, the blueprint for human health, we are really only beginning to discover and explore.

© 2010 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

Return of the LIght

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Meditation can strengthen your immune system.

So in this time, as we approach the solstice, the return of the light, why not meditate with the transformative light, energy and information of the mandala realm? Why not invoke the guardian energies of light to help you stay healthy through the winter season?

In this meditation you invoke Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow, the fundamental information from which all life arises, the foundation of health that we refer to as the blueprint. Your mind and body can experience a direct connection to that information of the blueprint, or, we could say, to those guardian energies of mandala realm.

Take a moment now, after you have read this, to close your eyes and imagine in front of you, in a field of white light, a golden circle, a golden triangle and a golden square.

If you visualize easily you can actually see these figures. If you don’t, you can simply sense them, or tell yourself that they are there. Let the mind dwell on each form: the circle, the triangle, and the square. Imagine the square as order, the triangle as balance and the circle as harmony. Repeat the words, order, balance, and harmony to yourself.

After spending a few moments with these images, allow them to dissolve away into golden light. They become fluid, flowing golden light that flows around you and into you, surrounds you and permeates you. Repeat to yourself the word flow. You can feel that flow fill your body. This is the light and warmth of life, the vital life force. It is the light of the sun. It supports, strengthens and nourishes you. Perhaps the particular figure becomes a wave, or a spiral. Allow that wave to flow over you and into you. Breathe it in, feel the energy of it. The order of the universe, of health, is not some fixed and static state. It is a flow coalescing into form, moving through and in form.

Body and spirit are not two; body and mind are not two. What is called mind is in every cell of the body. That is why imagination, visualization and thought are so powerful in activating the body’s self-healing capacity. Right now at this very moment, even before you close your eyes and try this meditation, even as you read the words, that light is active.

You can experiment with imagining these figures in front of you, appearing in a field of light. You can imagine them around you, drawn in the ground. You can play with them and make them three-dimensional. Combined, they create cones and pyramids, cubes and spheres, and many other multi-dimensional structures. The golden circle, triangle, and square are doorways to the mandala realm with its healing light, energy and information. These geometric forms with their inherent order and balance are representations of ordering energies that are tied to no one culture, time or place. They are universal forms that reflect universal principles.

© 2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

Guardians of the Body

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We are facing lots of health challenges these days unique to the modern era. It’s in the nature of life to continue, to find its way, to survive. It seems like life itself is asking us to become more conscious in the use of our energy, in our awareness of our resources, inner and outer. If it’s true what Chief Seattle said, “What we do to the web we do to ourselves,” and I believe this is true, then the reverse is also true: what we do to ourselves we do to the web. This is one of my favorite reassurances to myself because it means there’s the possibility that by paying attention to my own balance, harmony and flow I can make some contribution to the larger balance, order, harmony and flow.

One of the ways I pay attention to my own equilibrium is with the guardian points and invoking the guardians of the body. I love the guardian points. We’ve found over the years that it is possible to use them more frequently than we originally did, especially if people are using them on themselves. For me they are so helpful in strengthening and stabilizing my energy. I know this from personal experience. I do them almost every day, with just a brief touch at each point, always followed by visualizing the four points around myself with the little mantra “Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.”

If you haven’t learned the guardian points (in Module 2) there are many ways to invoke the guardians of the body. Research shows the body responds to imagery, thought and language. Imagine those guardians however you like. Maybe you tune into the myriad biochemical mechanisms that protect us daily. Maybe you visualize guardian angels, or feel yourself surrounded by rainbow light or white light.

Lie down, close your eyes, surround yourself with an egg of golden light, and place the hands cupped over the navel area, with the palm of one hand over the navel and the other on top. Invoke the guardians of the body. Say out loud “I call upon the guardians of the body to protect and strengthen this body.” Then visualize, feel or somehow connect with your imagery for the guardians. Rest and breathe in that golden egg.

At the very least when doing the guardian points or in some other way invoking the guardians of the body, I am focusing my attention on strengthening and stabilizing my energy, with the intention of supporting my health. I am involved in my own health and wellbeing in a positive way. And that’s at the very least. I personally believe that I am also connecting with and activating those energies of healing, cleansing and protection that are inherent in the body and in the larger energy field.

This isn’t instead of taking whatever steps you feel you need to at the physical level. People need to pay attention to their immune system and protecting themselves at the physical level according to their chosen medical guidance and their own research and understanding. These practices I’m talking about provide a ground, a container and a support for what you do at the every day physical level.

© 2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei