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Words for What We Do

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James Oschman, PhD, speaking on Quantum Biology and Information Fields

While this post is specifically focused for practitioners, it does contain suggestions and resources for anyone interested in further exploration of the field of energy medicine.

During and after workshops, there’s one question that comes up from practitioners over and over: “I don’t know how to talk to my clients about this. How do I explain the scan? The points?” Ida Rolf once said that Rolfing® wasn’t just therapy, it was education. The same is true with SourcePoint. We are always educating our clients and ourselves about what is possible, about the nature of our bodies and the universe we dwell in. We are educating people about energy, helping them to see themselves and everything around them as energy.

Knowing this doesn’t always help when you return from a training ready to go, and you start scanning, and your client says: “What are you doing? I don’t believe in that energy stuff!” or words to that effect.

The most important thing is to establish rapport with your clients. Take time to get to know them. Do what you know, and what they have come to you for, whether it is Rolfing or massage therapy, acupuncture or craniosacral therapy, or whatever you do. As they come to trust you, you can expand the field; bring in the scan or the points, leading them gently to new experience through educating them as you go

Whenever you feel you can, you can find the right “entry point” into including SourcePoint Therapy in your work on a daily basis. The approach for each client will be different. Some people are immediately open to and interested in energy work. Others take time. With those who are hesitant, or nervous, or dismissive, introduce one thing at a time. You could start with the scan. Simply explain you are starting with an off-the-body scan to locate blockages. Clients are often surprised by what they feel during the scan. They are mainly surprised that something actually seems to be happening and sometimes they feel it themselves when you come to the blockage. As people actually experience the sensation of energy, and the benefits of working with it, they will want to know and experience more.

Or you can introduce the Diamond Points. At the end of a session, just do them. If your client asks what you are doing, say something like “I am working with points off the body that will help the body hold the work we’ve done.”

The bookThe Body has a Mind of Its Own: How Body Maps in Your Brain Help You Do (Almost) Everything Better, by Sandra Blakeslee and Matthew Blakeslee, explains how the brain maps the body. Apparently the brain not only maps the body but also a field all around the body approximately 18 inches out. The Diamond Points are held within that range. The brain reacts to any touch in this area exactly as it would to any touch on the body, because the brain has a map for this off-the-body field. This can be a simple way to help people begin to see that touch off the body may be soothing and helpful.

SourcePoint Therapy was a featured cover article in the September 2008 issue of Massasge and Bodywork magazine. That article, written by me, is still available in their archives and in PDF format on our websiteto print out for clients.

James Oschman’s book Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis can be recommended for skeptics who want evidence. The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe,” by Lynne McTaggart, is a readable, enjoyable book that goes into recent research on energy fields and healing energy. The film The Living Matrix does the same thing. It’s worth having the DVD on hand to lend to clients. In one of the early chapters of my book The Vibrant Life: Simple Meditations to Use Your Energy Effectively I talk about seeing yourself as energy, and the whole book is really about working with the principle that everything is energy. There are many resources out there to help you find the words to communicate with people about what you do.

The best words for explaining what you do, however, come from you. Absorb what you’ve learned, work with it, let it become a part of you, and you’ll be able to put it into words. Write about it: what does SourcePoint mean to you? What would you really like to share with people? Write about it, talk to others from your trainings, read about it. The more comfortable you are with what you are learning and doing, the more you integrate it into your view of the world, the easier it is to talk about it. Spend some time every day experiencing yourself and the world and the people you work with as energy, flows of energy, structures of energy, maps of energy, patterns and configurations of energy.

And, remember, we often say the path of energy work involves the radical redefinition of self. To really walk this path you have to be willing to not be the same as you were, and eventually to share with others the transformation you are undergoing. That will happen naturally, don’t worry. For now, if there are clients who want what you have always done, who don’t want the new you, then do what you have always done, but with the inner knowing and experience that you are not the same as you were, you are informed by Source, you are in touch with that Blueprint of health. You have become aware of the field in which you are working, and that will change your work.

© 2011 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

Moving Freely from One Experience to Another, Always

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Bob Schrei, Ray McCall and Donna Thomson after Module 3 in Leipzig

Bob Schrei, Ray McCall and Donna Thomson after Module 3 in Leipzig

This post could also be titled “After the Workshop.” Any SourcePoint workshop you may have attended, three years ago, or three weeks ago, this applies. Often after workshops people write to me with stories of their experiences when they return home. Mostly it goes smoothly, and they find they can integrate the work and experience of the training into their life. Often, however, people also report a difficulty in maintaining the intensity and flow of the work as they experienced it in the workshop. Of course there are questions that arise in relation to how to do the work, what does a particular client’s reaction mean, and so on, but the most common question is: I don’t feel the energy as strongly and clearly as I did in the workshop. Is there something more I should be doing? What can I do to return to that experience?

First, remember that this shift is not about what you personally are doing or not doing. That shift in frequency you are experiencing is exactly that; you are moving from one vibration to another, from one field of energy to another. In a SourcePoint training we experience together an energy field that is tangible and palpable, that is permeated by the information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. What we call the Blueprint information is the specific information of health for the human body, and it exists within the universal energy field that gives rise to all form. When we gather together with the intention of connecting to this information, a specific field of energy is invoked; we enter into it and work in that context. That same field is present always and is invoked also when you hold the points by yourself, for yourself or another. However, the group energy and intention enhances the experience of re-connection to the Source. This connection to the cosmic intelligence that contains the information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow is a profound experience of Source.

After dwelling in that field of wholeness and presence for two days, three days, a week, a return to “ordinary” life may bring sometimes a sense of let-down. Know that whenever you have an experience of profound Wholeness and Connection, when you experience that mysterious and wonderful network of energy that is everywhere, when you feel it in your body, see it with your eyes, touch it with your hands, you are transformed. You will never be the same again. The memory may fade, especially if you do not return for further work, or find some other way to re- experience that connection so vividly. The memory will fade, but that doesn’t matter. The experience is there at a deep level. You know you are not alone, you are not isolated, you are a unique manifestation of the universal energy and you belong to Source.

So we come to faith. This word is often used in a religious context. What does it mean when we speak of it in relation to energy work? Whenever you are dealing with that which is invisible, experiences that don’t make sense to the limited mind, there is an element of faith that is involved. When you return from a SourcePoint training you may have thoughts along these lines sometimes: “All right, here I am in my life. Sometimes I have wondrous experiences. I am overcome by the wonder and delight of seeing everything as connected, of having my intuitions about the nature of things confirmed, by being able to use this work and see its effect on people. At other times I can’t feel it. In the workshop I could feel the blockages so clearly. Sometimes now I am not sure. Before I could feel the information of the Blueprint working, and now I don’t feel it so strongly. It all seemed so real, and now I wonder. I doubt. I am not sure.”

This is the time to remember: that field is there whether you feel it or not. If you are standing there holding the points, you will feel it, sooner or later. You are connected, it is connected, everything is connected. Once again, as we say so often, it is not about you. It’s time to get out of the way again, to let go of thinking it’s about you. It’s not about your experience, what you feel or don’t feel, how good it feels, or how different it is, or how bad it feels to feel disconnected. It’s about the fact that the connection is there always and you are facilitating that connection by holding the points, in service of yourself or another. The connection cannot be broken or lost. Only your awareness of it fades some times. Don’t worry about it. You may long for that vivid experience of connection, completeness, and energy flow. And, yes, you can do various things to try to intensify your experience again, but really you can just wait it out, knowing that field is always present and that your experience of it will return.

Remember also that energy needs structure to flow freely at this level of existence. Flow and structure are intimately related. So providing a structure for the energy to flow will increase your awareness of it, intensify your experience of it. If you are working specifically with the practices of SourcePoint do some of them on a really regular basis, for yourself.

I now do the Guardian Points, Navel Point, and the single Source Point to the right of the body every day when I wake up, before getting up. It’s my morning meditation. I take my time with it, feeling myself connect to myself and that which is greater than and no other than myself, with Source. I experience the transition from sleep to waking. I feel the life energy circulate within me and around me. It chooses where to go, knows with unerring accuracy what needs attention. I relax into it and receive. Some days thoughts are running in my mind the whole time I do this. I barely notice the touch of the guardian points, the flow from the Navel Point. But it’s there, and as soon as I turn my attention fully to what is happening, the experience intensifies. And even if I don’t turn my attention there, I feel the benefit afterward.

With such a simple act you provide a structure that allows the energy of Source, of the Blueprint, to flow, and allows you to experience that flow regularly, vividly, in your own body consciousness. Think of the practices of SourcePoint as the stars in the sky that guide the navigator: fixed points that provide a guide for the energy to flow to you and in you, a channel for your intention of experiencing Source to manifest.

When you feel connected, that is experienced in the field of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. When you feel disconnected, that is experienced in the field of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. Whether you feel good or bad, energized or fatigued, up or down, it all takes place in that field. Awareness is the thread. Awareness allows you to move freely from one vibration to another, from one experience to another. Awareness helps you to experience that all this movement takes place within the larger context of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. The workshop is one unique experience with its own vibration, unrepeatable and completely itself. Your return home is another. Every moment has its energy, its pattern. No experience in this world of form can ever be repeated, so take time to appreciate the particular frequency of every experience.

Remember Indra’s net: the universe can be described as a vast net of light, connected in a grid by points of light, and at each point is a mirror reflecting every other mirror. Let your imagination, your heart, your spirit, open to that image. That net supports you whether you know it’s there or not. You are woven into that net, you are a thread in it, a point in it.

Go right now. Lie down. Invoke the Guardians. Do the Navel point. Hold the Source Point.

Remember, relax, open and receive.

©2011 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

(Thanks for the photo to Andreas Klingebiel)

What is SourcePoint Therapy®?

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by Bob Schrei

by Bob Schrei

The following article was written by Jeffrey Maitland, author of three books: Mind Body Zen (Random House 2010), Spinal Manipulation Made Simple: A Manual of Soft Tissue Techniques (North Atlantic Books, 2001), and Spacious Body: An Exploration in Somatic Ontology (North Atlantic Books 1994). Jeffrey was one of my basic and advanced Rolfing teachers; he is a good friend and dharma brother of many years. He is an excellent healer and works in the energetic domain, as well as being a well-known instructor of Structural Integration and the use of the Cold Laser in a therapeutic context. Jeff recently attended a Module One of SourcePoint Therapy® in San Francisco; this was his very generous unsolicited response to SourcePoint.

What is SourcePoint Therapy®?

With one brilliant creative stroke, Bob Schrei and Donna Thomson have created a new form of energy work based, in part, on sacred geometry.  They teach a new way of dealing with dysfunction that does not employ manipulation to release fixations. Instead, their way of working is an order-bestowing approach that actually constitutes an alternative to manipulation. SourcePoint Therapy®, as it is called, is both powerful and profoundly simple”“ so simple, in fact, that almost anyone can learn it.

The essence of SourcePoint Therapy® consists of entraining the body to its energetic blueprint or template. All that is required of the entrainment practitioner is the ability to locate certain points (which are very easy to feel) in the energy field around the body, scan the energy field for dysfunction (which is also easy to feel), let go of all desire to fix the client, shift his or her orientation (intentionality) to allowing the entrainment to happen, and simply stepping out of the way and letting re-formation occur.  No attempt is made to release this or that structural, functional, psychobiological, or energy fixation.  The practitioner simply creates a space within which it becomes possible for the human body to entrain to its form-maintaining blueprint.

The body then re-forms itself”“not because fixations have been released, but because the practitioner steps out of the way and lets the entertainment do the work of re-formation. The Holistic practice of entraining to the blueprint deals with dysfunction and disorder by re-forming what is de-formed or distorted. As a result of directly introducing order back into the system, fixations simply disappear as a matter of course.  Traditional Holistic forms of manipulation deal with dysfunction and disorder by releasing fixations in the proper sequence.  Unlike SourcePoint Therapy, order is not introduced directly.  Rather, order is the end result of a process of eliminating fixations. To say it simply, the practice of entraining with the blueprint eliminates dysfunction by ironing out and re-forming what is distorted, whereas the practice of manipulation eliminates dysfunction by releasing fixations.

Upon first hearing the above description of how a SourcePoint practitioner works, you may think that it sounds suspiciously like a form of biodynamic cranial work.  For the sake of clarity, it is important to understand where they are the same and how they differ. They are alike in two ways.  First, the shift in orientation (intentionality) on the part of the SourcePoint practitioner to letting entrainment happen is the same shift in orientation that is required of the biodynamic practitioner when he/she lets the organizing forces do the work of releasing fixations.  Second, both call upon something else, other than themselves, to make the therapeutic change. The difference between them comes down to how they accomplish the aim of their interventions.  The biodynamic practitioner does his work by allowing the organizing forces of the body to do the work of releasing fixations. Since the aim is to release fixation, it is clearly a form of manipulation.  In contrast, since the SourcePoint practitioner does his/her work by allowing the blueprint to do the entraining re-formation, it is an order-bestowing approach, not a form of manipulation.

Understanding the difference between releasing fixations and entraining to the blueprint is important because the quality of an entrainment practitioner’s work is directly tied to how clearly he/she grasps this distinction.  It is quite common to slip from performing entrainment work into habitual ways of manipulating restrictions (e.g., unwinding) without noticing it.  When that happens the therapy is not as effective.  A clear grasp of the difference makes for a clear and appropriate orientation (intentionality) toward performing the work as well as clear intention about the nature of the work”“all of which adds up to more effective and efficient therapy.

©2011 Jeffrey Maitland

The Waking Dream

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“”¦the ”˜imaginal realm,’ a dimension beyond the physical that is the precinct and playground of true imagination, a creative realm that may be the seedbed of our great discoveries and innovations, and even the origin of events and situations that are manifested in the surface world. Indigenous peoples call it the Dreamtime or the dreamworld. We go there when we go dreaming, which may or may not involve going to sleep.” Robert Moss, The Secret History of Dreaming.

In the last few weeks, a number of people have shared with me that they are waking up in the night and can’t get back to sleep. Perhaps it’s the recent full moon, perhaps it is because there’s a lot of volatile intense energy around these days, who knows? But it’s come up enough that I thought I would share my experience with that wondrous experience known as “I can’t get back to sleep.”

First, Robert Moss, in his excellent book, The Secret History of Dreaming, tells us we may be trying to attain an unrealistic and not even desirable goal: that solid night of unbroken sleep. He describes a recent experimental study:

“Deprived of artificial lighting, the typical subject evolved the following pattern: lying awake in bed for an hour or two, then four hours of sleep, then two to three hours of ”˜non-anxious wakefulness’ followed by a second sleep before waking for the day’s activities”¦Wehr concluded that the night watch can produce benign states of altered consciousness not unlike meditation.”

Apparently until modern times an hour or more of quiet wakefulness during the night was the most common sleep pattern. A key phrase is “non-anxious wakefulness.” Most of us, when we wake up, are reviewing events of the day, thinking about what is to come, going around in the wheel of thought, getting anxious about not getting enough sleep, trying to go back to sleep and not succeeding, all of which are bound to produce anxiety.

SourcePoint can be helpful in inducing that benign state of altered consciousness not unlike meditation. I often wake for a couple of hours some time after midnight. First, I relax and imagine the Diamond Points around me. Then I do the Guardian Points, very slowly, lingering on each pair, especially those on the lower body, letting my mind drift, not trying to stay awake or fall asleep, just connecting with the cosmos, with the healing energies of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. I often fall asleep before I’m done with these points.

As I drift, I often receive what I’ve come to call “downloads” from the great energy-information field we call Source. The middle of the night, surrounded by the starry sky, in the dark of the moon, or by the light of the moon, when the rhythm is slowed and the mind and heart expand into the great dark-light space of night, can be a very good time to receive insight, information, guidance and healing.

You could try asking, quite simply, what is keeping me awake? And wait for an answer, in image, thought or feeling. Ask further, what does my deep self want to communicate to me? What is the universal energy asking of me now?

Give a lot of space around the questions. Don’t think too much. Drift, dream a waking dream, listen to the whispers of that deep self. If there’s a problem that arises, don’t try to find a solution. Let go of the left brain and give the right brain a chance, be satisfied and intrigued by random thoughts and images, seemingly unrelated pieces of information. Let the threads of your thoughts, feelings and images weave themselves together. Dreams don’t often make logical sense. Wakefulness in the night is a chance to journey, to explore the waking dream, to relax into yourself and see what’s there that wants to emerge. It’s a time for the Dreamtime.

If you really do eventually want to get back to sleep, I highly recommend not getting up and writing things down. This isn’t about remembering. It’s about drifting on the waves of the cosmic energy, going where it takes you, and letting go. Sleep is about letting go, of the everyday mind, of control, of needing to know. It’s about entering into the deep rhythm of yourself, the night, the cosmos. If you practice that while you lie awake in the dark, it will facilitate actually falling asleep.

In ancient Greece, people went to the temples of Asclepius for dream healing. There they received the messages that let them know what was missing, what was needed for their healing. The healing dream that restores us to Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow, doesn’t only come with sleep. It comes in those hours of non-anxious wakefulness, as we breathe quietly in the presence of What Is.

© 2011 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

The Rainmaker

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This week I’d just like to tell you a simple story. You could consider it a bedtime story if you also listen to the track above while reading 🙂 I found the story in F. David Peat’s book, Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind. He attributes the story to Richard Wilhelm, the original translator of the I Ching.

A certain village in China, at a certain time, was experiencing a drought and when no rain had come for a long time, they called in a rainmaker. When the rainmaker appeared, however, he immediately retired to the small hut that had been given him for accommodation, and remained there. He performed no ceremonies. After a while it began to rain.

According to the old man, he did nothing to cause the rain to fall. Arriving in the village he had perceived that a state of disharmony was present, and the natural Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow (my words”¦) were not operating. He was affected by this and “retired to compose himself. When his internal harmony was restored and equilibrium established the rain fell.”

The resonance here with SourcePoint Therapy: the old man didn’t cause the rain to fall. He didn’t even attempt to “restore” harmony to the environment. There was no magic involved, no manipulation of forces. I imagine in his own way, the rainmaker simply aligned himself with that fundamental Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. And it began to rain.

So, as we align with and connect to the Blueprint, the fundamental information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow, through the use of the Diamond Points and the other points, we aren’t doing anything. We aren’t “causing” healing to occur. We aren’t channeling energy or manipulating anything. We’re opening ourselves to being restored to our natural balance in the presence of our natural balance.

Peat views this story as an example of synchronicity, an “acausal connection with the environment.” Certainly there’s no linear cause and effect in the way we view it. We can’t say: Well, yes, but could he make it rain every time, because he wasn’t “making” it rain. It’s the wrong question, and it’s the one science is always asking in relation to phenomena it doesn’t understand. Western science, up to now, anyway, has placed a great value on predictability. The universe that we perceive operating in synchronicities, dreams, and our energy work isn’t predictable in the narrow sense of the word; it isn’t linear, and the web of cause and effect is so complex and wondrous it seems to me almost impossible to quantify and describe.

So I like the simplicity of the rainmaker. He sensed disharmony and “retired to compose himself.” Our world today needs people who can find a state of internal harmony, and help others to do so. I am sure that everyone reading this has that aspiration. May we all support each other in that process.

©2011 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei


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It is as if we were confronted with a pre-existent ground plan, a kind of Pythoagorean tetractys. I have frequently observed the number 4 in this connection. It probably explains the universal incidence and magical significance of the cross or the circle divided into four. C.G. Jung

Jung said that he studied and worked with 64,000 dreams (and many dreamers) before he began to venture into interpretation of dreams in a more general way. He noted the recurring themes and patterns, and, particularly for our interests, the prevalence of powerful geometric mandala designs that he encountered frequently in dreams. He felt the dream mandala was an archetypal representation of the self. And he noted that there was a “clear insistence” in the dream on the four-rayed mandala, what he called the “quaternity.” Said Jung, “”¦the phenomenon of four is a spontaneous product of the objective psyche.”

I like the term “objective psyche.” It implies a consciousness beyond but not separate from our individual psyche, a consciousness that contains universal information accessible to all, shaping all, common to all. Jung recognized the existence of the mandala in the objective psyche, with its power to manifest order from chaos. Edward F. Edinger, author of Ego and Archetype, says: “Quaternity mandala images emerge in times of psychic turmoil and convey a sense of stability and rest. The image of the fourfold nature of the psyche provides stabilizing orientation.” It is an archetype of wholeness.

So, from this perspective we see once again that when we work with the four Diamond Points and the energetic pattern, or mandala, that the points evoke in the energy field around the physical body, we are working with stability, orientation in time and space for the physical being, and an archetype of wholeness. The four Diamond Points form a classic archetypal “quaternity.” Jung also said of mandala that it represents the path to the “centre” or self, and is a key to the process of individuation. He notes that working with mandala brings a new kind of centering. I can see a resonance here with the qualities of the Diamond Points: we connect with the underlying Order of Source, which brings Balance and Grounding to the individual body/psyche. The activation of the information of the mandala brings Transformation ”“ what Jung refers to as a new kind of centering.

If we add the four Golden Rectangle Points to the mandala of the Diamond Points we have a double quaternity. According to Jung, “the double quaternity”¦ stands for the totality, that which is at once heavenly and earthly, spiritual and corporeal.” What we know about the Golden Rectangle Points from the SourcePoint perspective is that they help to further ground the information of the Blueprint in the material plane and the physical body, enhancing the connection that happens with the Diamond Points.

Jung speaks of the Pythagorean tetractys. The number 4 was considered by the Pythagoreans to be the primal number, the root of all things, the most perfect number.

The tetractys is a configuration of ten dots arranged in a triangle that represents the organization of space. The first row represents zero dimensions ”“ a point. The second row represents one dimension: a line of two points. The third row represents two dimensions: a plane defined by a triangle of three points, and the fourth row represents three dimensions: a tetrahedron defined by four points.

If I allow my imagination to take flight, which it loves to do, encouraged by Einstein’s saying “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” I can imagine a relationship to SourcePoint here. I can wonder, would Pythagoras place the Blueprint in the third row, perhaps? Or does the BluePrint manifest from point to line to plane? And ultimately to the three dimensions through the four Diamond Points?

We weren’t thinking of any of this when we first discovered the Diamond Points. They simply revealed themselves, and we began to work with them, and they demonstrated their power. Now I find it interesting to discover resonances and correspondences in the “objective psyche.” That journey has taken me from Jung to Pythagoras this week, deeper into the quaternity. And, as the Pythagoreans used to pray:

“Bless us, divine number, thou who generated gods and men! O holy, holy Tetractys, thou that containest the root and source of the eternally flowing creation!

Sources for this article, unless otherwise noted: The Portable Jung, edited by Joseph Campbell

©2011 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

Connecting with Your Deep Intention

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On New Years Eve Bob and I meditated for a while and then asked the greater Awareness for some words on intention for the new year. Here is what came. I’m including both the audio and the transcribed version, to listen to as you wish or read and contemplate. I recommend listening. There’s an energy that comes with the spoken word.

The topic of intention seems timely for this eve of Epiphany, the day when it is said the Sages found the Divine Child, guided by the light of the star. That guiding light resides not only in the heavens but in ourselves, and that is the theme of these reflections/meditations.

Intention is not a matter of will. Deep intention is an energy you align with, not something you decide to do with your ego mind. You are born with your intention imprinted in your cells. There is no division between body and soul. The body is the expression of the soul and when aligned with its true nature, carries out the intention of the soul.

When we sit quietly, breathing, letting the mind settle and free itself from discursive thought, then there is space for that intention to work in you and through you. You connect with your intention. You do not set intention; you enter into it: you connect with it. It is already there, waiting. You may not even know consciously what it is, but sitting quietly, you enter its flow, begin to move with the wave, you are in the rhythm of that deep inherent intention.

That individual deep inherent intention that is your birthright is connected to and aligned with the deep inherent intention of the universal energy, the earth energy, the sky energy. You are never alone in your intention when you are aligned with yourself and therefore these greater energies.

When you connect to the Blueprint through the Diamond Points, you are connecting with your own deep intention, that energy pattern in the universal energy field that bears the information of your greatest potential.

So take a moment now, sit and bring your attention to your breath. Feel the breath rise and fall. Be aware of the inhalation and exhalation. Experience the rhythm of your own unique being. Imagine the Diamond Points around you. The Source Point to your right, at the level of the navel, about 18 inches out from the body, a tiny golden seed of light. The Grounding Point below your feet, the Activation Point to your left side, and the Transformation Point above the head, and back to Source. As you bring your attention to each point, you connect with your deep intention, and it connects with you.

At this time of long nights, the winter dark, it is possible to enter into deep silence and experience the rhythm of your being communicating with you, nourishing you. It is possible to enter into your own deep intention. Intention is an energy. It is energy-information that you connect with, that you feel, that you align yourself with through inner silence and attention. Intention is a palpable presence; it is that which informs you. As you enter into it and dwell in it, goals, visions, desires, directions may emerge.

Take a moment and feel deep inside yourself: you know where you are going. Your whole being is imprinted with the knowledge of where you are going and what you are doing. Allow yourself to settle into that knowing, silently, without words, simply by feeling your breath, being aware of your breath. You know. You know.

Allow yourself to let go of needing to know in your conscious mind. Enter into the state of knowing. Rest in that wordless knowing that is your nature. The more you let go of the need to know in the usual sense, the more your inner knowing can manifest.

At this very moment, you are surrounded by intention, embraced by intention; you breathe in intention and you exhale intention. This entire universe is an expression of intention: the intention to be, to manifest, to take form, give birth. You are a part of that. You are a manifestation of divine intention.

The deepest intention can never be put into words. It is simply there: Be. Manifest. Arise. Live. Grow.

When you focus your mind you experience your entire being as focused intention.

You become a bindu, a seed point, a point from which your life flowers as a manifestation of your soul, your spirit, your essence, your deep intention.

Attention, intention. Attention, intention.

Yes, yes, yes.

When you enter into intention, you receive the blessing of Source that says:

You are never separate from me, you are always one with me. Remain aware of yourself as energy, as intention, as love, as manifestation of the Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow of Source.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

The Blueprint by Any Other Name….

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There is always discussion among practitioners about the meaning of the word “Blueprint” in SourcePoint Therapy. Recently I was involved in helping to find the right word for Blueprint in Portuguese, as Bob and Ray will be teaching in Brazil in June. The literal translation was “photograph of a house” and that obviously wasn’t going to work. We settled on “matrix.” The dictionary defines matrix as “a situation, substance, object, in which something is contained, originates, or develops.” So, that works, especially if we expand it to “the matrix of health for human body.” I have always found that finding the right word in another language is a fascinating and this experience led me to reflect again on the nature of the Blueprint, and the ongoing process of trying to explain it in words. There is a specificity to the term that other names don’t fully convey.

The energetic Blueprint of human health that we connect with through SourcePoint Therapy contains information. That is its defining characteristic. We work not only with energy flow but with the specific information of health for the human body that exists at a subtle energetic level. SourcePoint is energy-information work.

“Matrix,” for example, is a term that actually relates more closely to what we call Source. Yes, Source is indeed the source of all information; all possibility is contained in this universal energy field. However, the Blueprint is that point where the information of Source begins to manifest into specific subtle energetic form. The information of health for the human body that is contained in Source coalesces into the Blueprint. The energy flow begins to fixate into form according to the information it carries. The most frequent confusion among practitioners relating to the word “Blueprint” is that it implies something fixed, and the Blueprint as we speak of it in SourcePoint Therapy isn’t fixed. It’s a field of specific energy-information, a flow; it interacts and responds, communicates and transforms. And yet, emergence into form requires a certain degree of fixation.

As the information of Source coalesces into subtle energetic form, it manifests as vibration, pattern and symbol.This is the language, the “word” that gives rise to form. The term “archetype” therefore also touches on what we mean by the Blueprint: a universal symbol, a pattern that emerges from the vast sea of consciousness Jung called the collective “unconscious.” We could speak of the archetype of health.

However, we continue to choose the word “Blueprint” because, in English anyway, it is the word that most closely pinpoints the function of the information we are connecting with. It is tangible. It is information that is as available as unrolling a set of plans for a house. A blueprint gives the builder specific information of proportion and structure, just as the Blueprint we speak of in SourcePoint communicates the information necessary for the development of the human embryo and continues to communicate the information to sustain health directly to the human body. The term implies something you can take hold of and work with. And that is what SourcePoint is about. It is about making the esoteric tangible, practical and accessible, bringing an awareness of this dimension of energy, vibration, pattern and information into people’s everyday reality, for their benefit.

Switching analogies, in this vast sea of consciousness we dwell in, a lifesaving ring can be pretty useful at times. Recently someone recounted to us their experience of meditating with the Diamond Points when she was passing through a health crisis. She shared that she could feel the Blueprint as a grid, as a palpable presence, and her words were, “It gave me something to hold on to.” Sometimes people need that to support them in their healing process. It’s hard to hold on to Source. The Blueprint is an intermediary.

A word or name or label is an entry point into experience. Reflect on this word, in light of your experience with SourcePoint, and see what comes up.

©2010 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

Transformation: The Gold Seed Point

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The fourth of the Diamond Points is the Transformation Point. We connect to Source, we ground and activate that information of Source in the body; this leads to the transformation of the body. As the information of the blueprint makes its way into the body it brings the individual human being into greater alignment with the fundamental Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow of the universe. One can define illness as blockage, imbalance, rigidity, stagnation, toxicity. Health has the qualities of openness, balance, flexibility, flow, and ongoing cleansing and release.

In the process of transformation, our imagination is one of our greatest allies. Paracelsus, the alchemist, said that the creative capacity of our imagination is identical to the creative capacity of the universe. As above, so below: this was the constant theme of the ancient alchemists. Our individual being reflects the universal order. We’re gold, but we think we’re lead. We’re light, but we think we are density. “We each have a heaven, and it lies in each of us,” says Paracelsus, and he’s not speaking metaphorically.

In Sourcepoint we work with the gold seed point as another connection to the blueprint, a way to access that “heaven” within us. The gold point is the seed that contains the information of the whole. Used in the chakras, it has a balancing effect. It aligns the body with the blueprint and provides a central structure around which the energies of the body can organize themselves. It radiates energy that melts away tension and blockages, and helps to balance emotions and bring a greater stability.

In Module Two we teach a method of working with the gold point in the chakras. Here, however, we can share a simple meditation focused on the gold seed point in the heart, with the Diamond Points.

Sit or lie down quietly. Imagine simply a point of golden light in your heart. That tiny golden seed of light, arises from, is identical with, the great cosmic energy and information. Be aware of your breath, the inhalation and exhalation. Feel the radiation of that light throughout your being. There is nothing more to do, just focus gently on the light in your heart. Place the hands palm down, one over the other, over the heart chakra, and lie quietly, aware of the rhythm of your breath.

Be sure to complete this with the Diamond Points. Imagine a gold seed point to the right of your body, about 18 inches out from the navel, then the gold point a similar distance below your feet, and to the left of the body and above the head. Repeat the words “Source, Grounding, Activation, Transformation.”

When we work with the gold point, we connect with the cosmos within, and its divine intelligence. We experience our nature as that divine intelligence. As David Goddard puts it in his book The Tower of Alchemy, “”¦the ”˜lead’ of ignorance is sublimated into the ”˜gold’ of illumination.” What he calls the “solar body” “”¦exists as a seed, in potentia, within the heart chakra”¦The seed appears as a small golden flame. In the West, it is sometimes called ”˜the solar drop.’ ”

In this meditation we experience that solar drop, transforming, illuminating, balancing, purifying and strengthening.

Disclaimer. I am not saying this meditation is going to bring you to full enlightenment instantly 🙂 Just that it might open a door into a new experience of yourself. Who knows what can come from focusing on the seed of the cosmos within us?

©2010 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei