‘Tis the season of miracles, when stories of miracles are told, and believed, or not. When distant stars and long ago happenings invite us to reverence and awe. It is a good time to acknowledge and revere the greatest miracle of all — life itself and the great cosmos that is its genesis and its container.

Miracles abound. Let’s take the common cold, for example. Bob and I each had one last week. There’s a routine for the common cold, depending on its severity. Sleep, drink lots of water, sleep, take various supplements or medications according to your view of such things, sleep, drink lots of juice or herbal tea, and sleep some more. Watch a movie, listen to music, let go of daily routine for a day or more — unless you are pushing yourself too hard.

Which all really comes down to: giving your body the space and time and support to go through the process, to allow the illness to pass through, to allow the body to heal itself.

The one day I spent resting, I felt the miracle of what was happening in my body. I felt the guardians at work. Once again, as we so often see in healing, mostly what I had to do was support my whole system in every way I could… and then get out of the way. I was in awe at the self-healing capacity of the body. If we go deep into what happens when the body responds to a virus, it’s what can be called a miracle. We take so many miracles for granted. We complain about the cold, and forget to honor the body that both succumbs to the virus and goes to work to heal itself.

This morning I cut myself on the edge of a can in our recycling bin. My finger bled, a little, bright red blood, bubbling forth. After a while, it stopped bleeding. Of, course, that’s what cuts do, they stop bleeding. Who decided that? How does it happen that a cut stops bleeding?

The entire complex immune response of my body is absolutely, utterly… a miracle.

The word “miracle” has its roots in the Latin miraculum, “object of wonder,” and mirari, “to wonder at.” It goes back to the Sanskrit smerah, “to smile, to be astonished.” When we pay close attention to the infinite, beauteous, complex, delicate intricacy of energy, consciousness, spirit, form and matter that we are, how can we be anything but delighted, entranced, awed and in a state of wonder at how it all works together, at the mystery, the power? Most definitions of miracles call for an event that is out of the ordinary. What if everything that surrounds us is miraculous, worthy of wonder, incomprehensible, astonishing and transcendent?

What if there is no such thing as ordinary? Or, conversely, no such thing as extraordinary?

One definition of “miracle” I discovered was – “an event beyond the laws of nature.” Ah, what if the laws of nature are themselves the miracle, and we humans as yet have no full comprehension of the scope of those laws, of their power? The deepest intention of SourcePoint Therapy® is to help realize the full potential of the human being. We’re not looking for “miracles” because we already live in one, manifest as one, and have what is called the miraculous as our very nature.

As science and religion both (hopefully) move beyond their current limitations, as the need for human beings to wake up becomes increasingly urgent, there is the opportunity for us all to realize that full potential. It begins with simply the re-connection, the re-awakening, of the memory of our inherent wellness: that supernatural, utterly natural state of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow from which we are created.

During this recent minor illness an insight came. As I noticed the progress of the cold, its stages, and reflected on how long it was going to last, I realized: “I am already well.”

In the Source of my being, there is inherent wellness. In my essential nature, I am well. The fundamental state of the cosmos is wellness. That is, Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. I affirmed this to myself as I gave the illness a chance to pass through. “I am already well.” Perhaps this helped it to pass lightly and quickly, because it did.

In SourcePoint Therapy we encourage people to always take care of themselves at the material level, whether the illness is minor or major. I didn’t just affirm I was already well, I did homeopathy and Chinese herbs and black elderberry syrup. It all goes together, including antibiotics and other medications and treatments when necessary. We live in some dense frequencies these days. “Holistic” medicine has to include the Whole, from allopathic medicine to natural remedies to spirit to Source and Blueprint. What a miracle that in this age we have so many options, so much support for wellness, even as there are so many challenges to maintaining health. Energy medicine provides a container for all the other approaches, a foundation, a support from “beyond” for our lives here.

As the days darken, and we approach the darkest night of the year, may the beautiful dark give us the space to dream, to heal, to go inward, to sleep, and retreat. Take a few hours in the coming weeks to retreat – more if you can, but even a little goes a long way at this time of year.

May the dark give us an ever-deepening appreciation of the beautiful light that nourishes and supports us, the light of the sun, the light of the moon, the clear light of a winter morning, the light at the core of our being.

Bob and I wish you a happy, healthy, harmonious winter!

© Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei 2012