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Focus on the Blueprint: A Reminder

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SourcePoint Day 3Blackboard sketch by Bob Schrei

This month’s post is contributed by Bob Schrei, and is an important reminder where our focus lies in the practice of SourcePoint Therapy®. It is specifically intended for practitioners who have been trained in our workshops.

In the three basic modules of SourcePoint Therapy® the emphasis is on placing your focus on bringing the information of the Blueprint to the blockage rather than on the systems of the body. The reason for this is that practitioners can be too involved in the systems of the body to be able to practice SourcePoint effectively. They are constantly being drawn into the story that is unfolding in the soma rather than keeping their focus on the information of the Blueprint. They are being drawn into the details of various parts and systems of the body, including the energetic, rather than keeping their focus on the health of the system.

Remember that SourcePoint can be practiced effectively by people who do not have extensive training in manual therapies, and in fact, it is often easier for them precisely because they do not have the background of continually tracking what is happening in the system, either at the structural/functional level, cranial/sacral level, fluid level, nervous system level, meridian and chakra levels or any other system of the body.

Many practitioners rely on getting information from the body to guide them in their work. In SourcePoint that is not the focus. Of course you keep track of what is happening and check in with clients as to how they are feeling and experiencing the work. But it is the information of the Blueprint that guides our work, and we are simply bringing the information of the Blueprint to the body. That information, the full potential that we have as human beings for health at every level of our being, is the focus of our attention.

In SourcePoint we speak of the the therapeutic relationship as a triad rather than a dyad. The information, light, and energy of the Blueprint is the third partner in that triad.

Our work as a practioner is to stay connected to that field of information and to keep the client connected to that information. Once rapport is established between you and your client at the beginning of the session, the focus is taken off of the inter-personal relationship and the focus is on connecting the client to their own resources and potential and staying in that field ourselves. We are not “channeling” the information, energy, or light of the Blueprint through our own bodies and fields, but creating the context for that interface to take place.

When I become aware of my attention being drawn into the phenomena of the body, I step back for a moment, connect with my breath, and re-focus my awareness to the information of the Blueprint through the eight-pointed star as a placeholder for the information of the Blueprint, or any of the other methods that we learn in SourcePoint to connect to that field of information.

For those of you who do have extensive backgrounds in a variety of therapeutic modalities it eventually becomes possible to be aware of both your connection to the Blueprint and what is occurring in the soma. But with experience you are able to be aware without letting your fascination be what leads you or forms your practice. The only strategy from a SourcePoint perspective is : How can I more effectively bring the information of the Blueprint to the body?

© Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei 2013


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ladakh heart 2013photo by Josh Schrei

When you dream, do you see from the inside of yourself,

your usual vision?

Or do you see yourself from above and beyond,

from the outside,

moving in the dream?

Which do you prefer?

To be inside or outside?

People speak about being in their bodies.

Where is that body?

Or, where isn’t it?

People long to follow their hearts.

Which heart, exactly, is that?

I want to follow the great heart

at the root, the core, the center,

that pulses in body and star,

night and day,

flood and storm and stillness,

seed and flower,

that never for one moment ever stops beating.

Awake in the deep dark bright night of the full September moon,

between exhalation and inhalation

in a space so completely familiar, so utterly unknown,

that heart whispers

Dream yourself

out of yourself.

In the practice of SourcePoint we are always talking about the importance of getting out of the way. This is especially true in relation to the theme of intuition and its place in SourcePoint. Most people who are drawn to Sourcepoint, and indeed the practice of energy medicine in general, are those who want to follow their hearts, to develop and trust their intuition. What does it mean, to follow your heart, to trust your intuition, and exactly what does intuition mean when practicing SourcePoint, where our primary concern is to be connected to and guided by the universal Blueprint of health?

What people commonly think of as “their intuition” can be described as a sensitive, empathic, receptive aspect of consciousness that is capable of accessing the information of the greater order and the greater consciousness, aligning itself with it, and being guided by it. However, most of the time, in most individuals, to varying degrees, that sensitive, receptive, perceptive, empathic stream of consciousness is muddied considerably by opinions, judgments, ideas, past experience, and habit.

Personal intuition is greatly influenced by personal experience. It can be valuable, but if you want to rely on your intuition as a basis for energy work, the daily practice of clearing yourself in some way is essential, whether it’s meditation, prayer, however you do it – its necessary to make a constant practice of clearing yourself. This is especially important to do consciously before working, in order be able to trust your intuition. It’s a demanding path, to clear the channel of your intuition so that you are truly perceiving and receiving clearly.

People often feel the sensations in their body give them information, and yes, that’s another channel of intuition. However, the body is also a consciousness that carries past conditioned experience, habit and memory. That channel also is often muddied by emotions and habit patterns. Trusting your intuition requires a lot of self-examination, a lot of self-honesty.

The function of intuition in SourcePoint Therapy would be, for example, to help a practitioner in the practice of bringing the information of the Blueprint to the body. It can help you be open to the guidance of the Blueprint in the work you do, recognizing, always, that that is all you are doing, facilitating the flow of that information. Having the intention to allow your personal intuitive perception to be guided by the Blueprint provides some protection from projection. The Blueprint provides an external reference point that helps to clarify intuition.

People who do intuitive bodywork often speak of “being drawn” to work in a certain area of the body. People also use this phrase sometimes in relation to life decisions, “being drawn” to a certain place, person, situation. We encourage people to be careful about “being drawn.” Think about that phrase. What draws you? Is it your story being drawn by something familiar to it? Most of the time we are drawn to what is familiar, to what resonates with our conditioned experience. There’s a fine line between being drawn and projecting our own experience on another.

People often find SourcePoint “counter-intuitive.” In scanning for the blockages that obstruct the flow of information of the Blueprint, people may be drawn to a particular area; they expect to find the blockage there. If they are not attached to their intuition, they are frequently surprised to find it in a completely different location.

Transformation, whether in work with others or personal life, requires that we move beyond our expectation, judgment and even our treasured personal intuition. In SourcePoint, we surrender our intuition to that third point, the Blueprint. We turn over our knowledge, experience, ideas, opinions and judgments, and intuition to the fundamental order of the universe, the innate wisdom of the body as an expression of that universal order.

The fundamental Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow inherent in the universal energy is the Source of our being. It gives rise to life, nourishes and sustains life. That’s why we say the nature of the Blueprint is love. Therefore in the practice of SourcePoint, we allow our own hearts to be in service to the greater good.

SourcePoint Day 3Blackboard Sketch by Bob Schrei

© Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei 2013

Meaning, Purpose, and SourcePoint

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star field

Imagine the universe in this way: everywhere you look you see an intricate web of meaning and purpose, a grid of light, energy, and information that nourishes you and sustains you, that breathes as you breathe, lives as you live. As above, so below. You too are an intricate web of meaning and purpose, a grid of light, energy and information, connected to that greater network, breathing as it breathes, living as it lives.

It’s not actually hard to imagine this, because it is how things are. There was a period in my life when I was receiving guidance from a Native American teacher to learn more about energy and how it worked. During that time, every time I saw a raven fly through the bright blue New Mexico sky, I knew, knew, in my whole soul, spirit, body-being, that I was intimately connected to all that is, and that everything had ultimate meaning and purpose. Ravens are said to be the messengers of spirit, and I was generously being given a powerful spiritual message.

People today spend a lot of time trying to determine their purpose in life. It’s one of the main subjects of the Awareness sessions I do with people. SourcePoint can help with this. In SourcePoint we connect with the Blueprint of health for the human being, the specific energy field that gives rise to, nourishes and sustains the human body. This Blueprint contains the information for the highest potential of the human being. As we come into alignment with the Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow of the Blueprint, we access this information. We begin to act in greater harmony with our highest potential. The deep intention of our spirit can flow more readily in our lives.

The key here is not to worry so much about what we are supposed to be doing, but to focus on our connection to our highest potential, to that greater web of meaning and purpose that we are a part of. That connection, just as it helps our physical health, helps our spiritual health, and helps us to know who we are, why we are here, and what our path in this world is.

When we use SourcePoint Therapy to support our physical health, we don’t neglect other modalities that work directly at the physical level to sustain that health, such as medical treatment, nutrition, herbs, and so on. In the same way, while SourcePoint Therapy can help us come into a greater realization and manifestation of our highest potential, we don’t neglect to work with intention, goal, aspiration and exploration of our own unique talents and gifts. We just do this in the context of being connected to the information of our highest potential.

One useful practice is to examine your “organizing principles.” What themes or concerns do you organize your life around? Past trauma, specific relationships, anxiety about the future? General principles of love, service, growth and so on? Specific goals or aspirations? This exploration can be very helpful in getting you in touch with what you really feel your purpose in life is, and whether your current central organizing principles are in alignment with it. This exploration works together with the Blueprint to reorganize the energy field in a meaningful and purposeful way.

Another way to phrase this question is: What is your North Star?

A tree doesn’t think about its purpose in life. Its entire being is devoted to being a tree. It is its purpose. The purpose of being you — is to be you. The connection to the Blueprint helps you be you, to realize your potential.

Many practitioners have now told us that their clients report a “sense of hope” after receiving SourcePoint Therapy. This hope is a sign of connection to that information of the Blueprint, of their highest potential. It’s the ground for physical healing, and for another step forward on the spiritual journey.

© Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei 2013

Meditation as a Survival Skill

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spinning pillars balancePhoto by Josh Schrei

Some years ago when my book The Vibrant Life: Simple Meditations to Use Your Energy Effectively (Sentient Publications) came out, I led a lot of meditation workshops and groups. And I began always by saying, “Meditation in today’s world is not an esoteric practice. It’s a survival skill.”

I continue to believe this more than ever. Yes, sometimes meditation gives me wonderful experiences of transcendance and expansion, glimpses into realms of the mind where love and light reign, where I feel at home and at peace, where there is a spacious awareness like the sky, undisturbed by the passing clouds of thoughts, emotions, opinions and preferences.

However, the meditation I’m talking about as a survival skill is different. I love those experiences of transendance, but I also need the focus and shift of mind and body that comes with entering into meditation in the midst of my day. Not in the silence of early morning or late night, before or after my busy day, but right in the middle of it when my mind is disturbed, tossed by the waves of intense events in my outer or inner world. It’s a resource that I call on after reading the news, when I feel helpless in the face of what’s going on out there, when the wheel of stressful thought just won’t stop, when I have a million things to do, and nothing is going right, or everything is going right but it’s still overwhelming. The kind of day where you might say, “I don’t have time to meditate.”

So, I’ve learned that exactly then is when I most need to stop, take a breath, and connect with the cosmic order I call Source. And I find that connection in my breath. Many traditions have practices of paying attention to the breath and working with the breath, as in pranayama. Most people find there are health as well as spiritual benefits to working with the breath.

From the SourcePoint perspective, we experience the breath as an expression of the Blueprint in the body. The universal Blueprint of health for the human body, that is our ultimate resource, that is present in every cell of the body, contains the information of the natural rhythm and order of life.

So I stop, and breathe, and I pay attention to the breath. I feel it, the inhalation and exhalation. I feel my own unique rhythm. I don’t try to adjust the breath, to deepen it or change the rhythm. I just follow it, into the core of my being, into the outer reaches of my awareness, into a moment, just a moment, of deep silence that echoes everywhere. Perhaps the words “Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow” arise naturally. I feel the echo of those words pervade the breath, fill my body and mind. When I open my eyes, after 30 seconds or maybe a minute at the most, the world looks different.

I might do this once a day, a dozen times, a hundred times a day. It keeps me in the ground of my being, connected to my Source, aware that I am always being nourished by the universal energy through the breath. In today’s world, which seems to spin faster and faster, these moments of meditation are like good food and clear water for me; they nourish my mind and soul and body. They give me a balance point.

Meditative time is different from ordinary time. Never, ever, think you don’t have time to meditate.

©2013 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

Her Loom of Light

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Her Loom of Light that Becomes the Body by Bob Schrei

Her Loom of Light that Becomes the Body

Born from light

into light

You return again to know yourself as light.

You are born from a precise order

a delicate balance

an eternal harmony

from the flow of the river

the cresting of the tide.

Born from the Mother of Mothers

the matrix

that nourishes and sustains.


are the exquisite expression of

Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.

The perfection of all creation is yours.

You are woven into the shimmering fabric

of the starry night

the green of earth, blue of water

gold of sun, silver of moon.

A weaving of light and dark

skin and bone, heart and soul

an infinite vibration

a mandala of one arm span.

Light is the loom, love is the thread.

You are woven with love

a care and attention beyond imagining

from Her loom of light

that becomes

the body.

Do you know what that body is?

Look in the mirror of yourself.

The love you long for

the truth you seek —

You will find it in the whisper of your breath

the rhythm of your heart

the flow of your blood

the dance of your cells.

See your self as the pure and intricate reflection

of the cosmic Order

and love that self

with all your heart.

In this moment

just as you are

whole and complete

lacking nothing.

Art: Bob Schrei

Poetry: Donna Thomson

© 2013

A SourcePoint Perspective on the Chakras

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A Chakra is described as an energy structure within the human body, a turning wheel, a center of Prana, or life force. In different spiritual as well as energy healing traditions working with the chakras is an important aspect of spiritual development and/or physical health. There are practices for balancing the chakras; there are spiritual practices to encourage and direct the Kundalini energy, centered originally in the root chakra, in its upward movement to the third eye and crown Chakras. There are major Chakras and minor ones, as well as Nadis, or channels for energy, that radiate from the Chakras, throughout and around the physical body. In some systems there are four major Chakras; in others seven. Different perspectives describe the energy body differently.

In SourcePoint energy work we do not seek to work with individual chakras directly for the purpose of balancing them. From the SourcePoint view, the Chakras and the Nadis are structures within the inner temple of the body, the underlying energetic armature of the body that arises from the information and energy of the Blueprint. So, as always, our task is to assist in bringing the information of the Blueprint to the body; that information will do what it needs to do to balance the Chakras, to strengthen those that are vulnerable, to soothe those that are overactive.

We look at the Chakras as transfer mechanisms within the physical body; energetic structures that receive the information of the Blueprint and transmit it throughout the human body. Therefore it makes sense that the Blueprint itself will address any imbalance in the Chakras, and the important foundation again is strengthening that connection and addressing any blockages. The connection is made through the Diamond and other points we work with.

However, we have several protocols in SourcePoint that can be used to assist in that process of strengthening the connection to the Blueprint, and helping it it to do its work. The Gold Point in the Chakras is one of these. It is simple to learn and to practice, and is also a simple self-help protocol for connecting to the Blueprint and bringing in that information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. The Gold Point is a technique in SourcePoint Therapy that helps to connect the body to its original Source. Focusing attention on the Gold Point in the Chakras strengthens the hub of the wheel of the Chakra, and whenever one is working with gold, there is a cleansing and purifying effect energetically. This is an additional practice to strengthen the mid-line and bring balance to the organizing forces of the body. This practice is taught in SourcePoint Module Two but here we can describe the function and location of each of the chakras from the SourcePoint Perspective.

From the SourcePoint perspective we work with the chakras from the Crown Chakra to the Root Chakra, not from bottom to top as is often done. Our purpose is to ground the information of the Blueprint in the physical body. The Crown Chakra Point, on the top of the head, is a “portal” point. It opens the connection to the Blueprint. Beginning with this point, you draw in the information of the Blueprint, of the cosmic order, to organize and balance the Chakras, so that they can better receive and transmit the information of the Blueprint. That’s why we begin at the crown. The Transformation Point is directly above, so there is a direct line to the transformative information of the Blueprint. As one moves the hand down from Chakra to Chakra, following the mid-line of the body, you strengthen that energetic mid-line. This technique not only organizes the energies within each individual center; it integrates, connects and repairs any damaged energetic circuitry between the Chakras.

The Chakras assist in organizing the information of the Blueprint in the body and in aligning the personal self with that information. The Chakras are very much about bringing the information of the Blueprint to the specific personal self: to the personality, will, emotion and karma of the self. Here are the functions of each chakra from the SourcePoint perspective.

The Crown Chakra Point (located in the center of the top of the head): This is a portal: a direct connection to the cosmic Order, to the information of the Blueprint, with the specific purpose and intention of organizing, balancing and harmonizing the Chakras so they can better perform their task of receiving and transmitting the information of the Blueprint.

Third-Eye Chakra Point (located in the center of the forehead): assists in opening to spiritual vision informed by the information of the Blueprint; gaining more direct access to that information for guidance in one’s personal life.

Throat Chakra Point (located in the center of the throat directly above the collarbone): assists in opening the channel for personal expression that is in alignment with the information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow present in the Blueprint.

Heart Chakra Point (located in the center of the sternum): assists in opening the channel for receiving and giving love; aligns the emotional, feeling self with the information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.

Solar Plexus Chakra Point (above the navel, below the ribcage): assists in bringing the personal self into alignment with the information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.

Sacral Chakra Point (about two fingers below the navel on the belly): assists in aligning the vital life force of the body with the Blueprint.

Root Chakra Point: (located on the lower abdomen just above the center top edge of the pubic bone): assists in spiritual evolution and the alignment of the evolutionary path of the human being in incarnation with the Blueprint.

From the SourcePoint perspective, the Crown Chakra Point and the Root Chakra Point balance each other perfectly, and reflect the balance of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, above and below, reflected as a continuum in our human existence, our human bodies. From this perspective also, the purpose of incarnation is spiritual evolution, and we are supported by universal energy in this process. The Blueprint contains the information for the highest potential of the human being. As that information interacts with the personal incarnated self through the Chakras, that process of spiritual evolution is supported, nourished and encouraged, helping to bring one’s life into greater alignment with the universal principles of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.

May your New Year unfold in alignment with Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow, and be filled with health and happiness!

© 2013 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

The Miracle of Healing

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‘Tis the season of miracles, when stories of miracles are told, and believed, or not. When distant stars and long ago happenings invite us to reverence and awe. It is a good time to acknowledge and revere the greatest miracle of all — life itself and the great cosmos that is its genesis and its container.

Miracles abound. Let’s take the common cold, for example. Bob and I each had one last week. There’s a routine for the common cold, depending on its severity. Sleep, drink lots of water, sleep, take various supplements or medications according to your view of such things, sleep, drink lots of juice or herbal tea, and sleep some more. Watch a movie, listen to music, let go of daily routine for a day or more — unless you are pushing yourself too hard.

Which all really comes down to: giving your body the space and time and support to go through the process, to allow the illness to pass through, to allow the body to heal itself.

The one day I spent resting, I felt the miracle of what was happening in my body. I felt the guardians at work. Once again, as we so often see in healing, mostly what I had to do was support my whole system in every way I could… and then get out of the way. I was in awe at the self-healing capacity of the body. If we go deep into what happens when the body responds to a virus, it’s what can be called a miracle. We take so many miracles for granted. We complain about the cold, and forget to honor the body that both succumbs to the virus and goes to work to heal itself.

This morning I cut myself on the edge of a can in our recycling bin. My finger bled, a little, bright red blood, bubbling forth. After a while, it stopped bleeding. Of, course, that’s what cuts do, they stop bleeding. Who decided that? How does it happen that a cut stops bleeding?

The entire complex immune response of my body is absolutely, utterly… a miracle.

The word “miracle” has its roots in the Latin miraculum, “object of wonder,” and mirari, “to wonder at.” It goes back to the Sanskrit smerah, “to smile, to be astonished.” When we pay close attention to the infinite, beauteous, complex, delicate intricacy of energy, consciousness, spirit, form and matter that we are, how can we be anything but delighted, entranced, awed and in a state of wonder at how it all works together, at the mystery, the power? Most definitions of miracles call for an event that is out of the ordinary. What if everything that surrounds us is miraculous, worthy of wonder, incomprehensible, astonishing and transcendent?

What if there is no such thing as ordinary? Or, conversely, no such thing as extraordinary?

One definition of “miracle” I discovered was – “an event beyond the laws of nature.” Ah, what if the laws of nature are themselves the miracle, and we humans as yet have no full comprehension of the scope of those laws, of their power? The deepest intention of SourcePoint Therapy® is to help realize the full potential of the human being. We’re not looking for “miracles” because we already live in one, manifest as one, and have what is called the miraculous as our very nature.

As science and religion both (hopefully) move beyond their current limitations, as the need for human beings to wake up becomes increasingly urgent, there is the opportunity for us all to realize that full potential. It begins with simply the re-connection, the re-awakening, of the memory of our inherent wellness: that supernatural, utterly natural state of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow from which we are created.

During this recent minor illness an insight came. As I noticed the progress of the cold, its stages, and reflected on how long it was going to last, I realized: “I am already well.”

In the Source of my being, there is inherent wellness. In my essential nature, I am well. The fundamental state of the cosmos is wellness. That is, Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. I affirmed this to myself as I gave the illness a chance to pass through. “I am already well.” Perhaps this helped it to pass lightly and quickly, because it did.

In SourcePoint Therapy we encourage people to always take care of themselves at the material level, whether the illness is minor or major. I didn’t just affirm I was already well, I did homeopathy and Chinese herbs and black elderberry syrup. It all goes together, including antibiotics and other medications and treatments when necessary. We live in some dense frequencies these days. “Holistic” medicine has to include the Whole, from allopathic medicine to natural remedies to spirit to Source and Blueprint. What a miracle that in this age we have so many options, so much support for wellness, even as there are so many challenges to maintaining health. Energy medicine provides a container for all the other approaches, a foundation, a support from “beyond” for our lives here.

As the days darken, and we approach the darkest night of the year, may the beautiful dark give us the space to dream, to heal, to go inward, to sleep, and retreat. Take a few hours in the coming weeks to retreat – more if you can, but even a little goes a long way at this time of year.

May the dark give us an ever-deepening appreciation of the beautiful light that nourishes and supports us, the light of the sun, the light of the moon, the clear light of a winter morning, the light at the core of our being.

Bob and I wish you a happy, healthy, harmonious winter!

© Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei 2012

The Blueprint as a Living Being

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SourcePoint Day 3Blackboard Drawing by Bob Schrei, Module 3, July 16, 2012

We are in the midst of a Module Three right now, exploring the principle of the Blueprint, working with deepening our relationship to the Blueprint for the benefit of our own health and that of others.

The foundation of SourcePoint, its core, its central organizing principle, is the Blueprint. The essential premise of SourcePoint Therapy is that there is a body of information, inherent in the universal energy field, which consists of the information of health for the human being. We can connect to that Blueprint information for the benefit of our own health and that of others. When we strengthen our connection to the Blueprint, we access the energy and information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow from which life arises and which sustains and maintains life.

As practitioners deepen their understanding of the Blueprint and how to strengthen that connection, here’s what happens. They realize they have a relationship with that Blueprint. The term “blueprint” can sound very abstract, distant, theoretical, conceptual. In fact, the Blueprint is a tangible energetic reality. It exists in what we can call a dimension of subtle energetic form, an intermediary state between form and pure spirit-energy-consciousness. It is a reality as much as you or I. It has qualities. It’s sentient, aware, intentional, and focused. It has qualities. It loves.

The inherent intention of the Blueprint, its sole purpose in existing, is to provide the matrix that gives rise to life, to nourish life and sustain life. To me, this sounds like love! The Blueprint is always there, always supporting us, always caring for us, to put it in our ordinary human language.

People often ask, then, is the Blueprint for human health a fixed, eternal reality, or does it evolve as human beings evolve? I think Bob’s answer for that is precise and to the point. It is fixed, just as the North Star is fixed. In the Northern Hemisphere, you can use the North Star to navigate by. People have been doing that since time immemorial. It’s considered a fixed point, a reference point. And yet the position of the North Star does change, a little bit, every 10,000 years or so. So the Blueprint changes over long, long time. But, it’s reliable and consistent. By our usual human standards, it’s fixed.

So, we can orient ourselves to and with the Blueprint, returning over and over again to the awareness of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. The sense of the Blueprint becomes a reference point, a central organizing principle for all your energy work, no matter how many different modalities you may practice. It’s dependable, it responds. Integrate the Diamond Points into your practice, and see the results. Things happen. That’s how we begin to trust the reality of it.

Like any relationship, relationship with the Blueprint requires careful cultivation, attention, a certain degree of trust and willingness to open to a reality greater than your own ordinary mind; it requires letting go of judgment. We want to get to know people better because in some way we’re attracted to them. People come to SourcePoint trainings because they’re attracted by the Blueprint. It asks you to give it a chance, to see what can happen.

The breath provides a wonderful, simple way to access the Blueprint. It reflects all the qualities we have just been reflecting on. The breath nourishes, sustains, and supports you every second of every day of your life. It brings Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow to your whole system. Taking a few moments during your day to tune into your breath, experience its natural rhythm and repeat the words Order, Balance, Harmony, Flow, instantly brings connection to the Blueprint. Your breath is the Blueprint at work. And with every inhalation, you experience the vibrancy, the potency, the life of that Blueprint.

©Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei 2012

SourcePoint and The Horse

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Source Point Trooper 15Bob holds the Sacral Point for Trooper, who hangs out with James Cassese at Equine Energetix

The exploration of SourcePoint Therapy for horses continues. For those of you who have been following this, I’m happy to offer some further information about the Diamond Points and the Sacral Point in relation to horses. Also there is new information about the Heart Point that I had seen when originally looking at the question of how to use SourcePoint for horses, and also about using the eight-pointed star when working with horses. Much of this information emerged in an Awareness session with Monica McKenzie, a SourcePoint student and practitioner who works regularly with horses. She had also discovered this Heart point in her own explorations, and together we were able to refine our understanding of the function of this point. Here is a summary of what has emerged recently. I speak about “the horse” in its archetypal sense, the spirit of the horse, which emerges in all individual horses. It also means each individual horse you might encounter and work with.

The Eight-Pointed Star: In SourcePoint Therapy we use this energetic structure as a “placeholder” for the Blueprint, another way to connect with it. It is a useful configuration for visualization. It can serve as the “third point” in the therapeutic triad, a focus for the practitioner’s attention, to help maintain the focus on the Blueprint. It seems the horse has a strong connection with this pattern. Indeed, often horses have a kind of “star” on their foreheads. In the horse, this pattern relates to their third-eye chakra, which is very strong. Horses receive a lot of information through this chakra. From the SourcePoint perspective, it seems to be a large area extending in a column from between the eyes upward into the forehead and opening out at what I believe is called the forelock, the top of the forehead. People can facilitate their communication with the horse by following this practice:

Imagine an eight-pointed star in your own third-eye chakra. Then imagine a ray of light going up to an eight-pointed star above you, between you and the horse. Another ray of light goes down to the third-eye chakra of the horse, where you also visualize or imagine an eight-pointed star.

This approach not only facilitates communication with the horse, it can help people open their third-eye chakras. Because that center is so strong in the horse, if you spend time simply being with the horse, with no intention other than to open your third-eye and develop your capacity to sense and feel, this visualization can help you to open your own intuitive ability.

The Heart Point: This point is on a plane with the Source, Grounding and Activation Points, directly in front of the horse’s chest and the area of the heart. Its function is not to connect to the Blueprint, but rather to establish the human-horse connection. Horses have a strong attraction to humans, but at the same time many have been wounded in their relationship to humans. This point re-establishes trust and opens the way for further work. It is the entry point for horses.

The Sacral Point: In both humans and horses, the sacrum holds ancestral and evolutionary memory. The Sacral Point is important in treating horses; it calms, soothes and relaxes the nervous system and helps the horse receive whatever work you are giving.

The Diamond Points and the Blueprint: There has been much discussion about the location of the Diamond Points in the horse. We encourage people to continue to work with them and to see what your experience is, and to share that with us. We see that the Source and Activation point are located in relation to the navel. They are at the mid-line of the horse’s trunk, so therefore perhaps a little above the navel, but directly out from the navel. The Grounding Point is out from rear of the horse on the same plane as these two points. The “Diamond” tilts upward around the shoulder area, and the Transformation Point is located out in front from third-eye area of the horse’s head, from the forehead to the top of the forehead (not the crown). The Transformation Point may be held from the front with the hand vertical and slightly cupped, pointing straight up in front of the horse’s head.

With the horse, it isn’t necessary to hold the points for very long, especially the Transformation Point. If the horse shies away when you are holding this point, it simply means that a second may literally be enough since horses are so sensitive in this third-eye area. Horses are naturally connected to the Blueprint. When you treat people, you are reminding their whole system of its connection to the Blueprint that has been forgotten and weakened. Unless a horse has been abused, you are simply acknowledging the Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow in which the horse dwells. You are attuning yourself to the field the horse knows well, and this is experienced by the horse as a great relief, as it is usually having to attune itself to the human.

In general here is one possible SourcePoint Therapy protocol for horses:

The eight-pointed star practice to facilitate communication

The Heart Point to establish connection and trust.

The Sacral Point to calm, soothe and relax.

The Diamond Points to connect to the Blueprint.

(Whatever other work you may wish to do)

Close with the Sacral Point.

All this is offered in the spirit of exploration and possibility. It’s the process by which SourcePoint continues to evolve. We encourage people to work with what’s here. See what works and doesn’t work. See what emerges for you. Share your experience, and we’ll keep learning.

©Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei 2012

Order, Balance, Harmony, Flow

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bob-OBHFOrder, Balance, Harmony, Flow

by Bob Schrei

Life is a delicate balancing act. “Life exists on the edge of chaos and order.” I can’t even reference this quote because so many biologists, systems theorists, and other thinkers and researchers have now made some such statement. What are the implications of this for SourcePoint Therapy? We connect with the Blueprint of health, the information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow, in the universal energy, to sustain and nourish the individual body. Is there a chance of bringing too much Order, of upsetting that delicate balance?

Source, Grounding, Activation, Transformation. These are the names of the four Diamond Points that form the most fundamental practice of SourcePoint Therapy. Order, Balance, Harmony, Flow. These are the qualities associated with each point.

The very source of our being, the universal energy-information matrix from which we arise, contains the information of the ordering forces necessary to sustain and nourish life. When we access the information of the Blueprint through the Source Point, we access the ordering force that will precisely restore that delicate Balance at which life thrives. The Grounding point, that second point below the feet, grounds the information of the Blueprint in the physical plane, the physical body, bringing Balance to the whole system. Bringing Balance is the first crucial action of the Blueprint; from a ground of Balance life can flourish and thrive.

The Activation point activates the information of Order and Balance in the body. This brings Harmony, the quality associated with the third point. Harmony results when exactly the right notes are struck; it is present at that exquisitely balanced point where life occurs. Life is harmony; health is harmony, no one note dominating, nothing out of tune.

The Transformation Point is associated with Flow. A healthy system will have a healthy, self-regulated flow of information and energy arising from the connection to the fundamental universal Order. Flow is potentially chaotic. Energy can flood, can overpower and overwhelm. Uncontained release can be very uncomfortable. In SourcePoint Therapy, we don’t work only with Flow. You can rephrase the quote above to say: Life exists as a delicate balance between structure and flow. In SourcePoint Therapy we access the information of Order from the Blueprint to facilitate a healthy, balanced, harmonious flow of energy within the physical and energetic structures of the body. Order and Flow are not opposites: they are a unity.

If we understand deeply the principle and the practice of the Blueprint, we know its information will protect and sustain that exact point of delicate balance that gives rise to life. That’s its nature and intention. It will harmonize the system. The Order of the Blueprint is not a rigid, static imposed order.

Order, Balance, Harmony, Flow: it’s a mantra helpful in today’s world. I often just repeat those words, feeling their vibration throughout my whole being. It helps me harmonize myself with myself, those around me, the world. I can feel how my body-mind-spirit craves that harmony, is hungry for it, how my whole being relaxes in the wonderful field that comes present when I take time to connect to Source.

©Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei 2012