Healing in Today’s World

There are many issues that confront energy work practitioners in today’s world that arise from the increasing complexity and fragmentation that people experience.

The first one is this: since the beginning of human history, people have until recently experienced the natural world as a support to their individual being. In nature there has been a flow and balance that has reflected the universal blueprint of flow and balance. The inner temple of earth and sky, tree and flower, rock and water, remained intact for centuries. The blueprint of health surrounded people. They lived in it at every moment, they breathed it in, they walked through it, on it, and in it. They woke up in it and went to sleep in it.

Now there are many obstructions that have been created by human beings in that natural flow, in the energetic structures of the planet and its atmosphere. The natural world is itself out of balance, seeking to maintain its balance, but struggling. The energies of earth, air, fire and water are confused. Their old natural patterns have been disrupted and they are in a state of disorganization. Earth, air, fire and water are filled with toxic energies and substances. The empathic human body now experiences the energy field of the earth as toxic. It experiences the energy field in which it lives not as a support but as a threat. Once upon a time humans could rely on the earth and its elements to keep them in balance, now human beings have to take responsibility for their own balance.

Therefore in today’s world it is necessary for the individual to find his or her direct connection to the blueprint of health, without relying on nature as the connection as has been possible in the past.