Module One: The Blueprint: Fundamental Principles and Practices of SourcePoint Therapy

Introduces the theory of the blueprint of health, teaches energy scanning techniques for locating blockages in the energy field, and instructs the student in the principles and use of the fundamental Source Points (the Diamond, Golden Rectangle and Navel Points). Focuses on off-the-body work directly with the energy field.

Module Two: The Inner Temple: Sacral Therapy, Guardians of the Body and Energetic Structures.

Focuses on points located on the physical body that open, relax, and support the sacrum, as well as guardian points to activate the immune system, the natural guardian energies of the body. Introduces meditations and visualizations for connecting with the blueprint through the symbol of the inner temple. Works with energetic structures in the energy field to bring balance and order to the flow of energy in the physical body.

Module Three: Drawing Out, Releasing, and Re-Structuring: The Golden Rectangle, the Guardians and the Navel Point.

Further work with the Golden Rectangle points and their relaxing, pain-relieving qualities. Explores advanced use of the navel point for addressing birth trauma and emotional blockages, as well as how the Source points help re-structure the energies subsequent to the release of old patterns. Also in-depth work with the Guardians of the body; drawing out and clearing foreign energies from the physical body.

The Advanced Training is a five day course with a set curriuculum and specific new information for those who have completed the three basic modules. It is the prerequisite for the Advanced Intensive. An Advanced Intensive constitutes the ongoing advanced level of SourcePoint training. It is limited to 5 participants and the curriculum is co-created with participants based on their requests. For more detail, contact us.


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